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Charities to Consider Supporting Around the Holidays

Tis’ the season for caroling, sipping hot chocolate, and gingerbread house competitions. Each year, the holiday season can seem to go by in a flash. Between finding the perfect gifts, attending all those great Christmas parties, and traveling near and far to see loved ones, the new year will be here before you can even… Read more »

Bucket List Destinations

Forget about work for a week or two and give in to your wanderlust! It’s time to start knocking some of these amazing destinations off your bucket list! Enjoying life is what it is all about and now is the time. We’ve come up with a few destinations that we think you need to see…. Read more »

Supporting Veteran Companies

At Derringer Cigars, we’re American-made and proud of that fact. As honored American’s making products in North Carolina, we have a strong calling to support our military members, both past and present. What we find most fulfilling is supporting companies and organizations owned by veterans. While our country often sees a rise in “charitable giving”… Read more »

Our Favorite Bands

There’s the age-old question of which generation has the best music. Here at Derringer Cigars, our family spans from having grown up in the 50’s to the 80’s. That’s a lot of music released by talented artists and bands. And though some will stand the test of time better than others, they all had songs… Read more »

Things to do When it’s Too Hot Outside

Alright, you suffered through the blistering cold winter and the rainy spring that followed, so now we are in the most anticipated season: SUMMER! For most, now’s the time to get outside, breathe that fresh air, and enjoy the warmth. But for some, the summer means one month of reasonable weather followed by 2 months… Read more »

Our Favorite Movies

Summer is almost here so it’s time to take out the newspaper, find your local drive-in movie theater and settle in for a warm night of classics. If you don’t have a drive-in playing the cinematic masterpieces you’ve been told to watch, just grab a bowl of popcorn, open your screen door, and pop on… Read more »

Blackjack 101

History While there’s no concrete evidence of where and when blackjack started, there are theories that the game was derived from either France or Spain. In France, there was a game called Vingt-et-Un which means 21 while in Spain there was a version called One-and-Thirty which had similar rules to our modern-day blackjack. Over time… Read more »

Bluffing 101

So you’ve taken an interest in poker, and need some help competing like a pro? Well we aren’t saying we’re the best players out there but we’ve won a hand or two. There are a few key elements to playing any card game, really. You have to know the rules, observe your opponents and act… Read more »

Cocktail Recipes to Match Your Favorite Derringer Style

Have you ever been sitting on your back deck, relaxing and enjoying your cigar, and wondered “Man! If only I could be having a cocktail that tasted as good as my favorite style of Derringer cigar.” We’ve thought the same thing! All the research, testing, and tasting have been done for your benefit.  You just… Read more »

Top Tailgate Activities

Football preseason is upon us and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to tailgate! Of course, the game is a great experience no matter who is playing, but the real fun begins in the parking lots before the teams play. When you approach the stadium, there is a sea of your team’s colors,… Read more »