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How to Have the Perfect Guys Night

It’s time to ditch the ladies and dedicate your night to your true crew. Who knows what you and the guys will get into, but we do know it will be full of laughs – and drinks. There are truly no real rules to having the best night out with the bros, but it is… Read more »

Smoky Cocktail Recipes

It just got a lot smokier. Not just because you’re smoking your favorite cigar, but also because we have the perfect recipes for a smoky cocktail to set the mood with friends, your special someone, or just a solo drink when you need it. Check out these delicious recipes. Smoked Old-Fashioned Combine and stir the… Read more »

Best Acoustic Songs of All Time

There’s just something about the sweet tunes of an acoustic guitar that takes us back to the good ol’ days. Check out our list of acoustic songs to take you back in time. Keep the nostalgic vibes going and check out our list of classic rock songs that should be added to your playlist

Classic Rock Playlist

If you’re a true rocker, then you know rock music started with the good ol’ rhythm and blues, and it wasn’t until the 50s when rock n’ roll started to turn into its true form. Since then, your favorite artists started their own little twist on the original sound creating a genre that we now… Read more »

Traits of a Sore Loser

Unfortunately, everyone can’t be a winner, and some people don’t take their loss with much grace. Folks like this are what we call a sore loser – someone you don’t want on your side. They become the party pooper of the group and can ruin the whole vibe! Here are some ways you can avoid… Read more »

Easy Pranks

We don’t know about you, but we like to keep our people on their toes. Pranking is an art form, really. There are two things you need to master – timing and execution. For timing, you can’t do them so often that your victim is expecting it. The best time to attack is once they’ve… Read more »

Fall Cocktail Recipes

As summer is ending, what better way to celebrate the fall season than with a delicious cocktail to pair with your favorite Derringer Cigars? Don’t know what to drink? Below we have listed the perfect cocktails and their recipes to quench your thirst as we approach cooler weather. Pumpkin Spice White Russian In the mood… Read more »

The Art of Negotiating to Come Out a Winner

Negotiation isn’t the easiest tactic to learn, but when you do, it will help things go your way more often. We’re not talking about million-dollar deals here but a little something to get what you want. Take our advice–we think you’ll find it to be much simpler than you expected.  Make promises  Making promises and… Read more »

How to Be Good at Arm Wrestling

Get your muscles warmed up and ready because it’s about to go down.  Don’t just rely on your big guns though – you’ll need to be clever and witty, too. Here are some tips for your next match. The accidental sneeze Ahhhchooo! A good ole’ sneeze in someone’s personal space is sure to throw them… Read more »

Outdoor Games Everyone Will Enjoy

Do you smell that? It’s the smell of sweet competition. When the weather is nice and you’re ready for a good old fashioned backyard tournament day, anything can happen. These games are so straightforward that everyone has a chance to be a star. It’s all fun and games until grandma drops those 3 pointers in… Read more »